I Always Wanted A Jeep

Let me preface this by saying I did have another Jeep years ago but it was a large one like the “Wagoneer” type. To own another would be too big and too costly to maintain and would not be able to get me into all the nooks and cranny’s of the deep woods. In this case smaller is better.

AI4A5876 copy

This is a 1989 Jeep Wrangler, Sahara edition. It only has 100,975 miles on it and appears to be mostly stock. There are no scratches or dents to the underside so I don’t think it’s ever been abused off road. The suspension has been lifted approximately 3″ and the tires are slightly oversized, but not enough to affect the stability.

AI4A5883 copy

The seats are worn, the carpet nonexistent, but what do you expect for a 29 year old Jeep! I see some patches on the floor pan but when I stopped by my friend Tony Bernatche’s auto body shop for an assessment he just shook his head and said how great it’s condition was overall. There were no visible concerns with the frame or body other than a few minor surface rust spots.

We decided he would power wash the complete underside, clean up any minor problems and completely undercoat the Jeep. We also discussed the very faded paint and said he could sand it and then “Clear coat” the paint to stop anymore deterioration from the elements and help prevent anymore rust. It will be shiny again but all the dents and scratches will still show. I am going to pound it up and down the Golden Road so I’m not too concerned with scratches!

AI4A5880 copy

The back of a Jeep is quite small if you leave the back seat in. I will coat the entire floor pan with the same type coating used on truck beds, and remove the back seat to make way for a “Kitchenette” as it were. Drawers at floor level with a slide out top with stove and racks for cookware along with a small 12 volt fridge. These items will provide the necessary means of cooking. Even with that I will still have room for clothing and some tools and spare parts.

AI4A5886 copy

The engine is a 4.2 liter inline 6 cylinder, one of the best engines they made, mated to a 3 speed automatic. Not a speed demon but very dependable. Simple and easy to maintain is what I need. It will take some time to clean up the engine bay, add another battery and other accessories, but it will be worth the effort.

AI4A5885 copy

As an added bonus it came with a brand new 12,000 lb winch and reinforced bumpers for those “Oh crap I’m stuck” days that inevitably will come! I can’t call a tow truck up here! If your going to venture into all the tiny unused roads as I want too you must be prepared. Where I’m going I may never see anyone for days or longer so I need to be able to get myself out of trouble. I’m planning on having a satellite communicator called an “In Reach” by Garmin, but calling someone in to help would be very expensive.

All in all I think I made out pretty well. I have a good base to start from and plenty of time to finish the modifications by spring. I plan to go out once more this fall for Vinny’s last camping trip during leaf season, then hunker down for the winter and get it ready for next year. I’m pretty excited to get started but tomorrow I will go see mom and put together a yard swing I bought for her. Know your priorities!

14 thoughts on “I Always Wanted A Jeep

  1. Cool looking Jeep, they’re very handy to have and make for great “get out of town” vehicles. My wife’s got one that she loves- I have a 4×4 but not a Jeep- Love that you’re taking Vinnie camping again this season-


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      1. With every life there is an ending. We know we will outlive our furry friends yet when the time comes it’s still very hard to let go. I know his time is at hand and I will do the right thing and let him go for his sake.

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  2. She’s a honey! I can’t help thinking of Linda as you set out on this new adventure …. she would be grinning at the notion of removing the back seats to make way for a kitchenette ‘know your priorities’ 😀

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  3. That is the coolest Jeep, John! Looks so much better than the shiny ones I see around here that only go to the grocery store! We inherited my father in law’s old car years ago and the paint was faded. Teddy painted it with various shades of green Hammerite paint. It looked ‘interesting’ but it lasted through many snowy winters with all the corrosive salt.
    In Egypt, we inherited an Egyptian made Jeep (bet you didn’t know they made them). It would have been good in battle but it was so uncomfortable on bumpy roads. The special advantage was that it was already covered in bumps and scratches, so no one could complain when we had yet another bump on the crazy roads. Then we broke the axle while going down the wadi (dried out river between canyons)… Happy Memories. Put a little something from your Dad in the console to keep you safe. I have my mum’s silver crucifix.

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      1. Oh, that is so nice. I made Teddy throw my mum’s ashes into the Atlantic on the west coast of Scotland. The wind blew them back into his mouth…I collapsed laughing knowing that my mum would too. Now my mum is always with us – LOL!

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