The Golden Rd…Part 2

Here’s a short video of the drive from Millinocket to Wadleigh Pond up the Golden Rd. The video may be short but it represents over 100 miles of driving on dirt roads, up steep inclines, over mountains and past vast swamps. It also includes the following morning at Wadleigh Pond Beach before I moved to the main campsite. The footage does not impart just how hard some of the road conditions were, but I made it in with no damage and no flats! If you venture here in a car just take it slow and be careful. If you break down it could be days, depending on what road your on, to get help! NO CELL SERVICE!!!

17 thoughts on “The Golden Rd…Part 2

    1. That’s the tools that will make your videos stand out from the rest. Take your time and learn as I am what works and what does not. Watch many videos and focus on what looks good to you and duplicate what they did. Learn from what others have struggled with. As far as the jeep, I leave tomorrow morning to pick it up and will post a video about the trip.

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  1. “Any day I’m not in Connecticut is a great day”….talk about understatements! “Can you imagine living up here?” Evevery…….day! Next time try to get Chesuncook & Ripogenus Dam figured in. Otherwise, the Jeep will be PERFECT for that trip!

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  2. Vinny looks super-casual in the front seat acting as wing-man! The respray on the car is pretty funky and I am glad that you now have a jeep to take you into this stunning wilderness.

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  3. I am just about to write a blog about a work trip recently along the Gulf Coast. No cell phone service when we needed it. None of the out of towners could understand why parts of Texas were so remote – “Where is the Starbucks???”

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