North Woods Camping….Day 4

It was a chilly night. I think it may have dropped to 45 degrees or so, but still I was comfortable. It took until 8am or so for the temps to be pleasant so I started a fire to brush off the chill. Vinny came outside for his morning ritual, then straight back under the covers for another 2 hours. I’m afraid his old bones cause him grief in the morning chill.

AI4A5847 copy

I walk down to the small beach at my campsite and soak up the start of another beautiful day. I tried to record all the sounds as the native wildlife awoke, but you will just have to take my word for it. The loudest sound of all was the 2 pairs of Loons calling out in their haunting manor, an unreal echo cast out to all corners of the pond. If you have never heard one I suggest you go to YouTube here and check it out. The gentleman in the video is right, once you hear them you will never forget.

AI4A5840 copy

After breakfast I found myself completely at ease, settled into a routine of meals, cleaning and spending time with my dog Vinny. He too is at ease, at least until the red squirrel showed up! What a brazen little fellow coming right up on the table while I sat there. Vinny saw the movement and barked, the squirrel took off sending items flying! He didn’t go far, just up a tree and set there chattering really loud! He even posed later for his cameo.

Lunch today consisted of pork tenderloin with my favorite dry rub, and Linguine with mushrooms, garlic, red peppers, onions, olive oil and a small amount of cumin. Hows that for fancy! Just exquisite if I do say so myself.


AI4A5578 copy

I also had my first visitors today, two very nice gentlemen from Canada working here in the woods. Only one of the two could speak any English, but a pleasant time was had by all. I shared some food, some Chardonnay, and we took turns firing my two handguns at the ring in the fire pit. (That’s better than random shots into the woods!) My 45 is small and compact, but it packs a good punch. But you should have seen one fellows face when he shot my 44! “Kicks like a mule” he said through his friend in broken English! Great fun.

AI4A5849 copy

Because its been a few days without rain the road is drying out and the dust is up. Fortunately there where very few trucks today and all the drivers were courteous and slowed down. I thanked them with a wave and they continued on to the mill. If you take the city out of some people, the rudeness goes away.

AI4A5857 copy

I tried to sail some today but the wind was not cooperating. What took me 10 min to sail downwind, took me 1 hour to sail back! That’s the nature of sailing most people don’t understand. Your more likely to have no wind then too much, right Chad! Still, it was fun to get out on the pond in the afternoon sun. Vinny laid in the bow as the boat rocked gently, and I just closed my eyes for a spell and listened. Nature has a voice all her own if you let it speak to you. I was at peace.

19 thoughts on “North Woods Camping….Day 4

    1. Post good time! I’m sitting in Ohio right now back at work! And to make matters worse I may have the flu! Wonderful!


  1. That’s just it … Nature does have her own voice and those of us that let her speak, that want to listen are enriched. What peace. What tranquility. What deserved enrichment for a man and his dog prepared to live in nature rather than mess with her. And I loved the story of the guns …. made me smile broad and strong 😃

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      1. Loudly spouting words in French, totally lost on me, but his partner laughed really hard and patted him on the shoulder! It was a fun and connecting moment.

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