North Woods Camping…Day 1

What am I searching for? What magical sight or sound will give me the answers I so reverently seek to soothe my restless soul? I have not the complete answers to a destiny filled with hope and joy, but I fall back to the things that have brought joy in the past. I love camping in the woods.

AI4A5523 copy

The remote aspects of the endless woods of Maine, the captivating essence of a still pond in the morning, these things hold sway over my inner self lusting for calm. On my first night in the north woods of Maine I start to let go the savage thrust of anguish and torment of living in a world pushed to the limit, a never ending speed through daily life in the rush to gain all before it’s too late. Societies hold on me stopped at the convergence of town and country, the hold of the woods takes control.

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Falling back down to earth, I feel the burden lifting slowly before the setting sun. The simple things gain power in the coolness of evening, a can of Dinty Moore beef stew never tasted better. I sleep the sleep of the pioneers, comfortable in the knowledge I am in control of my destiny at this moment, no one holds sway over my future. Lucid are my dreams with the sound of Loons calling out for loved ones in the dark.

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The dusty travel, the dangerous roads, all seem worth the effort with the settling sun on the shores of Wadleigh Pond. At peace am I as I look out from my tent as the sun prepares to go to bed. Stay tuned, much more to come.

Long live the pioneers.

19 thoughts on “North Woods Camping…Day 1

  1. I SO empathise. That absolute calm and serenity that descend when we get into nature. I yearn for it. Soon. Very soon. And in the meantime, I have your masterly way with words and your evocative and soothing photos to keep me companion in the Masshole 😉

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    1. Ha! Driving through right now heading to Ohio. More posts and more camping to come. I feel much better after this trip but changes are coming in the “hauler” of all gear for camping. Stay tuned!


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