Independence Day

What does this holiday mean to you? Is it just a day off from work, another paid holiday that you feel you are entitled to? Perhaps you don’t appreciate the significance of this one holiday because it’s not taught in schools other than in a cursory way anymore. Sad as that may seem to me I will do my part in remembrance of those who fought and died so we can live free from the tyranny of those who wish to oppress the masses, and the subsequent lifestyle we are able to live due to the sacrifices made.


I took a drive in Maine today and stopped at a beautiful place along the way. While driving down Rt 2 I stopped at a rest area in Skowhegan along the Kennebec River. The sun streaming through the trees cast a warm light on the grass and gave a feeling of comfort and calm.


The slowly flowing river mirrored my minds eye in the comfort I felt, nothing but the birds singing and a slight breeze rustling the trees.


As I age the sense of time seems to speed up, each day passes much more quickly that they used to. Because of photography I am able to capture how I felt in the moment, lock in time the image I saw each time I press the shutter so I can relive it again. So much just passed me by in my youth, so many moments lost because I felt I had all the time in the world. Such is the folly of youth.

When I arrived back at the terminal where I work, I once again passed a lot filled with old unused trailers. So many times I have walked by without pausing to notice the history of these unused and forgotten haulers of all things important to man.


How many gifts were loaded onto these trailers over their years of use, how many lives where changed due to the contents held within. How many homes were built, how many cars were repaired.


Companies long gone, drivers retired and forgotten. Each entrepreneurial endeavor was brought forth due to the Declaration Of Independence, each American dream made true due to the Bill Of Rights.


Highways for the conveyance of goods built with sweat of free men, unencumbered by the distasteful illogic of socialist societies. A free nation where all can live as they please without the heavy hand of government holding them back.


Yet there are some today that wish to follow that path, give up control of our lives to the false promise of a euphoric state where all are equal by the provisions set forth by the state. If we follow that path, I fear no one will feel the joy of a hard days work and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. Many will fall prey to thoughts of equal shares to all and the weakness that comes from a fallacy of thought.

No, I feel Independence Day means striving for greatness no matter what that means to you. The commitment of a soul cleansing adherence to what you see as your life’s goals, and the pursuit of individual happiness through hard work. Only when you achieve something great by your own means can you feel the pride of accomplishment, the hope of a better life. Such is the wisdom of the founders of this country that sacrificed all in the name of their dreams. We should all strive for such a dream.


7 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Makes me wish I took pictures inside “Louis'” restaurant in Clinton, NJ before it closed. Lots of history on the walls in there. Lots of people letting life (freedom) slip away without having a grip on what’s going & not knowing how to get it back. “Me look, feel good now” is all that matters. No ability to look forward…or back.

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  2. Schools could start by emphasizing the words. Independence Day. Yes, it falls on the 4th of July but there seems to be a reluctance to call it by it’s name. Freedom is never easily won and neither is independence. Both are things to be treasured and fostered and protected. There is only one ideology worthy of comment and that is that hard work and willingness to strive for whatever it is that you dream of is the only way to reach dreams. Decency to those around you, understanding that not everyone has the capacity to do those things and for those there should be assistance is something that should be inherent in any society. The constitution of this country is a good one. It needs to be paid more heed to. Happy Independence Day for yesterday, my friend. May the life you are moving towards, built on honest hard work and decency be closer than you believe it to be. 🇺🇸

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    1. I fear the country of my youth is “beset on all sides” by the idiocy of socialism. I feel my choice of future lifestyle may prove to be prophetic.

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