The Measure Of A Man

This is another post I wrote years ago. I measure my life by these words, judge my results by the manor by which I pursue the equity of time spent…


What tool is used, what system employed, to measure a man? Is it a mathematical equation, a sum of variables? A notion, a thought, or a way of reasoning? Perhaps a voice made real by the movement of air. A voice that sings true to the copied words. With actions and deeds, man creates empathy or sorrow. By lack of skill man creates chaos and disharmony. And yet, with practiced touch, man relieves pain, restores sight and delivers life. Through equitable gains or value of possessions, with culture of dress and knowledge of finery. Can one establish a degree of measure by such means? Only if the mind of the observer is shallow can such things be considered comely.

No, these things only present a shadow of what a man can be. A narrow window of view that leaves him weak and pale in the light of reality. There is a much deeper side of man if one looks closely enough. A man can have little of what is considered necessary, and yet be as content as the richest sultan. He can live a simple life, free from the entrapment’s of modern society, unencumbered by the useless pursuit of things that are neither needed, nor are they required to have a fulfilling life. He can pursue a lifestyle of minimalist living, working to live, not living to work. Establish a level of comfort that is small in cost, but big in refinement. Enjoying what is free, instead of spending lavishly for entertainment that will be lost and forgotten in the fog of time.

With depth of mind, and strength of spirit, he can enjoy each moment of life as if it were his last. Heartened by the beauty around him , and humbled by it. A true man lives not from without, but from within. Each day a blessing to be thankful for, not squandered. Each moment with family and friends a testament to his love for the ones that give him joy not sorrow. Each friendly smile a moment locked in the consciousness, a gift to be savored. A true man will never turn away from the approaching storm, he will drive on with an unrelenting focus of knowing nothing good in life is without it’s perils, no rose without it’s thorns. He understands the balance of life and the difficulty of achieving said balance. He does not quit, he does not waver, he just continues with the hope of a better life, and a legacy of truth that will be remembered.

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