The Sun In My Eyes

I was thinking of my friend Linda today and I remembered a post I wrote years ago that she thought was the best thing I had written to date. This post came to me one early morning as I drove into the sunrise on a lonely Illinois highway on my way to another delivery. The feelings that morning still hold true to me today as I reflect on where I have been and where I am going. This is for you Linda…

The sun in my eyes means another chance, another day of trials and sentencing in the court of life. The vestiges of yesterday’s mistakes fade under the glow of life giving rays, warm and comforting. We strive to face the challenge with a strong sense of duty, a commitment to purpose. Ever searching for the balance of need and want, mindful of what truly matters to the value of life.

Time is short, decisions must be made, lest we leave with loyalties unanswered, friendships weak. Sacrifices to those who need us most, no thought of repayment or feelings of indifference. Should we think to the legacy of our lives, concerned with the light of history shining on our deeds, or should we relinquish the effort of control and allow our feelings to guide our daily decisions.

Are we wise enough to know what path to choose, or are we destined to feel the sting of failure again. Have we learned the lessons well, or are there many more to come. Difficult is the way, shadows of doubt and fears of being lost in darkness still fresh and sharp clouding the way. No way to know for certain.

Such are the thoughts of a simple man, a man burdened with the memories of a jaded past. Trying with remaining time to make amends, hoping to find the inner peace of a soul at rest. The scars on my heart remind me that pain subsides, wounds heal, but never shall I forget where I’ve been. The value of a person comes not from the way they live, but how they live with what has happened.

4 thoughts on “The Sun In My Eyes

  1. What to do when today’s mistakes are caused by not learning “that something” way back when? To keep learning while not making a bigger mess in the process is getting harder.

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    1. The fact that you know you didn’t learn it back then tells you all you need to know…Life is a lesson you learn it when your through.


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