Truthfulness, Integrity, Commitment

Those three words are not always part of some people’s vocabulary. Maybe I sound judgemental, cynical or even a little bitter, but this has been my experience to date. There are very few times in my life where I felt a strong connection to any person place or thing, but I see a hopeful change on the horizon.

My truthfulness is to myself for a start. I have looked deep inside for the dark corners that reside in all of us. What I have found there does not sit well with me. I must find a way to excise these demons and bring myself into the light, and my future time on the sea is a good place to start.

My integrity is a form of action instead of words, movement instead of indecision. The example to follow has always been right in front of me, staring me in the face every time I look in the mirror. My parents showed me the path of right and wrong, I just need to put one foot before the other and live as one should. All are entitled to their place in the sun, all should be given the latitude to find a spot in this crazy world where everything seems right. To each their own I say.

My commitment is to all that is gracious and kind, considerate and giving. A life fulfilled by natures bounty, without desecration. A passage through time filled with images events and passing’s, replete with joy and faith. What these may look like is yet to be written, but I feel the stirrings of them in my soul. My want of success is not a question of worldly goods but rather memories that fill the folds of my mind.

Each day that passes is another day closer to my goals, another day spent in the pursuit of what makes us better. Each day should be cherished for it’s chance at truth, each moment a gift never to be squandered. These words meant nothing to me a scant few years ago, but they mean everything to me now.

5 thoughts on “Truthfulness, Integrity, Commitment

  1. Success not based on worldly goods? How dare you! He who dies with the most toys wins…at least that’s what I got led to believe all these years!
    Truthfully, there was a time a better life was based on something other than stuff. Still learning how to pull that off.

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  2. This is such an insightful post. I have struggled with blogging of late with unkind comments and too much work. I only have to listen to my colleagues stories of single parenthood, struggling to look after an autistic child to realize how blessed my life is. Kindness is so welcome these days.

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