Time To Start!

Cockpit drains
Battery box
Hanging locker – head
Anchor locker
Windlass mount
Panel mount
Water tanks
Fuel tanks
Day tanks
Watertight spaces – v berth
Engine room partitions
Wiring runs
Light fixtures
Plumbing spaces – tubing runs
Stove size
Fridge size
Thru hulls – number and size
Nav station
Heater location
Sink size
Trash compartment
Watermaker placement
Sub panel placement
Cabin lights
USB outlets
Washdown pump
Cockpit shower
Main power runs
Ground runs
Soft spots on deck
Rigging check
Dodger & bimini size
Solar placement

Contain excitement!

This is just the starting list of things to accomplish to reach my goal of independent living on the water. I will start planning out my goals according to this list this weekend, prioritizing from beginning to end. Planning is critical if I want to get things done in a timely manor. I will take many photographs this weekend and explain in detail the overall plan for the refit of my future. I should post something by Sunday night.

I can’t put into words how much this scares and excites me at the same time, how much I have to learn and how far I have come. 15 years ago I couldn’t go a day without my “crutch” of drug use, couldn’t hold my head up and say “I can do this!” So much has changed in what seems like a short time, and I can say truthfully I have done this all by myself. No one helped me recover, no one pushed me harder that I did. I hold my head high knowing just my strength of will has lead me to a better place. What I have placed before me pales in comparison to where I have come from.

Each day that passes is another day free from the hold my past had on me, each day brings forth a sense of what I can overcome. Though my trials pale in comparison to others, they are still real and powerful to the health of my psyche, still hold sway to the essence of what makes me who I am now. No matter how much I try I still have to overcome each day, force my will upon the tempest that forever grasps at me to follow the old ways. Addiction never goes away, it just fades into the background.

The thoughts of living on the sea, anchoring in a quiet cove with nothing but the seals and my senses gives me the strength to carry on. Each day that passes brings me 24 hours closer to the fulfillment of a dream. I believe anyone can achieve what their heart desires if they are willing to give something else up. You can’t have everything so you must decide what it is you truly want. I have made my choice and you should too.




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