Sometimes You Gotta Be Strong

Well it’s all right, riding around in the breeze
Well it’s all right, if you live the life you please
Well it’s all right, doing the best you can
Well it’s all right, as long as you lend a hand

You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring (end of the line)
Waiting for someone to tell you everything (end of the line)
Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring (end of the line)
Maybe a diamond ring

Well it’s all right, even if they say you’re wrong
Well it’s all right, sometimes you gotta be strong
Well it’s all right, as long as you got somewhere to lay
Well it’s all right, everyday is judgment day

Maybe somewhere down the road aways (end of the line)
You’ll think of me, wonder where I am these days (end of the line)
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays (end of the line)
Purple haze

Well it’s all right, even when push comes to shove
Well it’s all right, if you got someone to love
Well it’s all right, everything’ll work out fine
Well it’s all right, we’re going to the end of the line

Don’t have to be ashamed of the car I drive (end of the line)
I’m just glad to be here, happy to be alive (end of the line)
It don’t matter if you’re by my side (end of the line)
I’m satisfied

Well it’s all right, even if you’re old and grey
Well it’s all right, you still got something to say
Well it’s all right, remember to live and let live
Well it’s all right, the best you can do is forgive

Well it’s all right, riding around in the breeze
Well it’s all right, if you live the life you please
Well it’s all right, even if the sun don’t shine
Well it’s all right, we’re going to the end of the line

End Of The Line – Traveling Wilburys

Life has a way of presenting you with challenges you may not have seen coming, difficult situations you have no choice but to deal with if you want to be an upstanding person. But how do you define “Upstanding person?” Is it the type of person one group or another suggests represents their point of view, or is it the person you feel complements your standard based on the upbringing you were given by your parents? I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I have started writing this post and I will see where it takes me.

I was speaking to my student today about why I am giving up everything most people hold sacred in life to live on a sailboat. He questioned what my motivation was and if I truly understood what I was giving up to achieve my goal. It took me less than a second to reply…I am doing this for a simple reason, and that is freedom.

I think we all have a different definition of what freedom is based on our own goals, life experiences and the image of what a perfect future is that we see befitting our wants.  My image of freedom is based on the premise of having the ability to choose the path of today’s goal’s based on how I feel upon waking, not by what others see as the culmination of a day spent in the pursuit of this or that. I want my remaining days on this earth to be about what makes me happy, not what others see as the most productive or fulfilling. Does that make me selfish? I don’t think so, it’s my life after all.

We have no real idea what tomorrow brings. Shall it be what we want or will circumstance throw a wrench into our plans and force us to change our forward progress? Will we fall behind and be forced to regroup and try again? I think every obstacle placed before us is a chance to grow and learn, a chance to mature and become a better person.

Every trial becomes a moment where we can prove to ourselves what we are made of. I feel a life lived through challenges conquered is a life well lived. Every time you stand up to the pain and suffering life throws at you, the person within becomes stronger and more capable. You gain more of what it takes to overcome the relentless struggle that is a life fulfilled. I believe life is a lesson, you learn it when your through.

If you feel I’m wrong please feel free to comment to the contrary. If you feel the same I look forward to conversation down the same path. I travel through my life trying to be the best person I can be based on the lessons I have learned from my parents and my life experiences. I am open to all other ideas and thoughts as long as they are presented in a way as to be helpful and honest.

No one has all the answers, no one is the all seeing eye. Only by allowing many school’s of thought can one find a balance in thought that brings about a life well spent. Only by understanding what it is you truly want can you find peace. Take some time and ponder that thought and you will find your way.








10 thoughts on “Sometimes You Gotta Be Strong

  1. Live your own version of freedom,,,,cause when other start defining it then it’s not freedom. I love my family and my wife but I also love my beer and Tattoos and can’t wait to retire,,,,except I may have to get another job,,,fuck!

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  2. End of the line, which just happens to be one of my favourite songs, is probably the perfect template for what you are hoping to achieve John. It certainly reflects the way George Harrison lived.

    Hope the work schedule for the boat gets off as planned and goes without too many hitches.

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  3. So true about not knowing what tomorrow brings! You are doing what your heart mind and soul are craving and needing.. I am so happy for you! I enjoyed this post … you are a great writer.. straight from the heart.. nothing better…

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  4. Freedom is the most precious gift we can attain. Finding a path to freedom and then following it as you are is actually inspired. For me, as you know, getting off the treadmill is beckoning and can’t come soon enough. I believe that you and I will find our content by following our own freedom paths 🙂

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