Whats In A Picture?

My interest in photography started with my first trip across the country. So much was new, so many places and sights I had never seen but for pictures. It was then that I started to understand the power of a photograph. I think back to reading National Geographic as a child and dreaming of all the places I could go, drawn in to the story with the images captured by those who had actually been there. The imagination of a child is a blessing we should nurture in youth, and desperately try to hold on to as adults for it brings forth a passion for all things simple and pure.


Something as simple as a picture of a diner that you have been to many times gives a feeling of comfort, a harmony with your past reflected on the page in color. Each pixel a small part of what your existence is about, each image a point in the timeline of your life. Photography for me is a way of expressing how I see the world and the feelings I get while traveling. Every snap of the shutter gives me a visual memory of all that is good in this world.

100_0526 (Large)

Miles and miles of open countryside I drove, mountains and canyons filled with color  beckoning me forward to flood my eyes and nourish my soul with natures bounty. The camera becomes an extension of my mind. The feelings I have when looking through the viewfinder are captured in the print, the real trick is to have others see and feel the same when viewing it.


I took this picture yesterday with my used but new to me Canon 5D Mark II that I recently purchased. Even on a cloudy day the color is perfect, his personality reflected in his eye. Friendly as could be, he ran to the fence as I approached. This moment of connection forever stored in my mind and shared with all.

Mom 1-22-18
This picture of my mother reflects all that I know about her. The window to a person is found in their eyes, and you can see her life story reflected from within. Forever will her strength of will be a part of her son, a lesson not lost on me.

IMG_9530 (Large)

Even though we will soon be parted, this image of my best buddy will be a reminder of what is sacred, what holds the most meaning in my life. Friendship.

10 thoughts on “Whats In A Picture?

  1. Nice pictures… yes.. they are important to us.. goes right to the heart and mind.. The picture of your Mom makes me smile! Keep taking pictures and keep writing!

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  2. Love the first pic, the train pic,,,,your mom’s face (such a clear picture) and of course Vinnie. Such great pics. Thanks. Great to see you using your camera so much better than my camera. Time to get a lesson from a friend here on how to use the damn thing so I can start doing better pics. the new computer is working out well, I have a separate key board so I don’t jack up the keys with my hard typing

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  3. Tried to capture the disappearance of Clark’s Ferry All American truck stop & replacement by Pilot on US322 with the stupidphone. I guess there still is a need for normal cameras after all.

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    1. There are some clip on lenses for use with a smart phone on Amazon. They can improve the picture quality even on the phone dramatically. Check them out.


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