Pieces Of Eight

It’s six o’clock
Good morning sounds are everywhere
The warmth of spring, a gentle breeze blows through my hair

I hurry through my life never stopping to see
How beautiful it was meant to be

I’m just a prisoner in a king’s disguise
Broken dreams as we shuffle by

It’s six o’clock it’s quitting time I’m done for the day
Out on the streets I overheard a lady say
We now have everything or so people say
But now this emptiness haunts me every day
We seek the lion’s share never knowing why
Come alive spread your wings and fly

Pieces of eight
The search for the money tree
Don’t cash your freedoms in for gold
Pieces of eight
Can’t buy you everything
Don’t let it turn your heart to stone

Pieces Of Eight – Styx

If there was one song that truly spoke truth to my deepest feelings about my future, this song would be it. I so connect with this band it’s uncanny, almost a feeling I should have been there with them from the start. What I would give to have been a roadie in the early days, been inside for their times of triumph. Stood offstage as the crowd exploded with exuberance with every chord, went silent as Denis DeYoung vocalized the feelings of many in my generation. It was a heady time in the 80’s with bands like Styx, and I still feel that excitement every time I listen to them.

Like most people I have lived much of my adult life in the pursuit of money. The never ending slog of endless hours of labor, giving everything you have and never seeming to get ahead. No matter how much you earn there never seems to be enough to reach your goal, never enough so you can relax and just enjoy life. Is this because “The Man” is holding you back, or are your goals so lofty as to be impossible given your income ability? Again I say, “What are you willing to give up to get what you want?”

Take for example David Cassidy. He was a pop culture idol from the seventies that captured the essence of squeaky clean stardom with his melodious songs and his portrayal of Keith Partridge on the Partridge Family. His life forever changed during one concert at White City Stadium in London on May 26, 1974 when a gate stampede injured almost 800 people with a 14 year old girl dying. Cassidy stated at the time that this would haunt him until the day he died, and he walked away from touring and acting and focused on his music.

He went broke in the 80’s but recovered through hard work and diligence, and went on to have many more successes during the remainder of his career. But was he happy with all he had done? Did he feel he had done all he could in his lifetime? Did he leave this earth with the satisfaction of a life well lived? On November 21, 2017 David Cassidy died of organ failure surrounded by his family. He was 67 years young. His daughter said his last words were…”So much wasted time.”

Let that be a lesson to us all. Don’t wait till it’s too late, follow your dream now or speak the same words on your deathbed. You were a good man David and I take from you the merits of your words. Your will shall live on through my actions and I will bring you with me on the sea.




9 thoughts on “Pieces Of Eight

  1. Yes.. I read what David’s last words were too and it struck me… I was able to see him at the Lobster Festival in Rockland Maine 2 years ago! I knew every song by heart! He was my “crush” as a child. In fact.. our initials are even carved in a tree in my home state of New Jersey from 1974!

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  2. Great post for life reflection and planning.. I passed golden opportunities that were handed to me because I had the right experience at the perfect time.. Some I tried and were financially lucrative but I got bored after a short time.. Gave up 2 businesses because I had no passion in either one.. That was decades ago and I have no regrets about giving them up.. Friends and family thought I was crazy.. But after time they realized it was good that I did.. What I find so appealing and revealing about these types of posts that you write, is that they ask the core question of what matters in a life.. What makes for a good life lived ? 💛

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  3. News of David’s last words had not reached me in my outpost. You are so right, we should all take them to heart lest that final breath brings the curtain down on a life of regret. What I do know is that he was a good man, a man who really didn’t want to be the squeaky clean idol but he left behind a legacy that will remain in the hearts of those he touched as tweens and teens. An unforgettable legacy of song. We owe it to ourselves to live the life that fulfills us. Sadly all that fame and money didn’t fulfill David leaving him wandering and dabbling with the worst excesses of which you know too much from your own personal experience. So I’m with Pan, we should all ask ourselves what matters in life, as you do in these reflective moments because when we ask we start the process of finding answers. You have found yours – now you just need to make them real 😊

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  4. Dig into “Paradise Theatre” & grab “Half Penny, Two Penny” to complete that thought. Just don’t let “A Bronx Tale”‘s “Wasted talent” to overrun everything.

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