Skating Away

Meanwhile back in the year one
When you belonged to no one
You didn’t stand a chance, son
If your pants were undone

‘Cause you were bred, for humanity
And sold to society
One day you’ll wake up, in the present day
A million generations removed from expectations
Of being who you really want to be

Skating away, skating away, skating away
On the thin ice of the new day

So as you push off from the shore
Won’t you turn your head once more
And make your peace with everyone
For those who choose to stay
Will live just one more day
To do the things they should’ve done
And as you cross the wilderness
Spinning in your emptiness
If you have to, pray
Looking for a sign, that the universal minds
Has written you into the passion play

Skating away, skating away, skating away
On the thin ice of the new day

And as you cross the circle line
Well, the ice wall creaks behind
You’re a rabbit on the run
And the silver splinters fly
In the corner of your eye
Shining in the setting sun
Well, do you ever get the feeling
That the story’s too damn real
And in the present tense?
Or that everybody’s on the stage
And it seems like you’re the only
Person sitting in the audience?

Skating away, skating away, skating away
On the thin ice of the new day

Skating away, skating away, skating away

Skating Away – Jethro Tull

I for one am not going to be caught with my pants down as it were, I’m going to take the big risk and hope for the best. At my age I am still young enough to meet the challenges of restoring and sailing my 30 foot Pearson sailboat, young enough at heart to see the romantic nature of this endeavor, yet wise enough to know it could all change in a heartbeat. So much of daily life is out of our control that we truly are Skating away on the thin ice of a new day!

My sailboat Renegade wrapped up in her winter coat!

I was joking with someone at the boatyard today when I said, “I’ll get my boat all done, then die of cancer a month later!” What a morbid thought right? But how often have you read a story just like that? Life and death happens, sometimes at the most inconvenient moments, and you cannot be assured of any advanced notice. If your comfortable with your lifestyle, happy in your day to day existence, then there is no reason to change. I have thought long and hard, reassessed all my prior goals and realized I was not happy at all with the choices I have made. It took me 52 years to finally decide who I am and what I want out of this short life, and I am on my way to the ultimate freedom.


So as I push off from the shore I will turn my head once more, and make my peace with everyone. That first glorious day, that first sail down the Penobscot River and under the Penobscot Bay Bridge, that will be the beginning of my new life of freedom I have worked so hard for. All the past disappointments will melt away in the distance like an Albatross deftly soaring on an unseen wind, the sea spray washing clean my soul from the shadow of fear. As I cross the miles of ocean I will be writing my own play, a drama of the passions in me pushed into the sun for the nurturing rays to develop fully.


I will relish every sunrise as though it were my last, savoir every meal as simple as it may be, live life to the fullest. Try to put into words the unrelenting rush of excitement as I sail into a new and unknown port, capture the images from my point of view with the wonder of a child. So long have I wasted time trying to stand on the stage of what is held as the pinnacle of truth, the sad distressed life of need and worry. And if I die a month after reaching my goal, that one month will give me a lifetime of joy, the peace I have been searching for all this time. That one month will make up for a lifetime of sorrow and allow me to feel free.

27 thoughts on “Skating Away

  1. JDR, good writing. I saw this earlier but wanted to take the time to write a better answer than on my phone. I learned the hard way that time is fleeting and have totally come to appreciate doing things while you’re young enough to do them and enjoy it. I see too many people who get too old, who wait till their children are grown and out of the house, who wait till they think they’ll have enough money or their boat will be perfect. But in the end, one of them dies, one of them gets sick to the point they cannot continue their dream and life ebbs away. I’ve seen life ebb away too quickly and have a driving desire myself to get some things done before I’m too old to enjoy them. I want to embrace life to the fullest and enjoy things while I still have my teeth, I can still walk, ect- Keep at it- A picture of Vinnie please, is he ok?

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  2. How do you do that? Speak my heart so perfectly. That is absolutely it. One month of what we crave and yearn for, one month of that real freedom – if we are only to be graced with one month then we die smiling, not regretting. And that is worth the long years of pain and indecision and shackles and trying to be what we weren’t. It truly is. I have tears. They are tears of joy.

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      1. I am about to set up a new Face Ache account which is literally only for my daughters and perhaps a dozen close friends and family (I will even leave out my sister-in-laws who irritate me – neither of my brothers partake). I simply find it too taxing and tiring.

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      2. That is a good idea …. and have a page for your business. I have an Osyth page which is really why I don’t want to bin it completely. I hate modern marketing but sadly we are stuck with it for now.

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      3. Please do. And if you do it I would include you amongst those I would be happy to interact with on Facebook. Its just all the others as I often say to my husband …. he then retorts – you mean everyone and I say, no just all the others! I thin you will get my drift

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  3. I hope I’m there waving, to see you off on your new chapter.. But you can’t look.. I’ll have both tears of joy and saddness as you sail away.. Both a testament to our friendship.. Joy for your freedom and adventures, saddness that you won’t be as accessible..

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