The Heart Of America

I drive a truck across the wide expanse that is this country, and I have met a lot of people. Each region has it’s politics, personality types and religious beliefs due I believe to the people that settled in each location at the start of this great country. I live in Maine with it’s long history of logging and sea trades still prevalent to this day, and I have worked in a few different jobs in my life. We are a hardy people working in the harsh cold New England winters and we believe in family values and the traditions of helping our neighbors when the need arises.

Today I am in Indiana delivering a load of wood shavings to a farm and I find myself entranced by the beauty of the open fields and the community spirit of the people that live here. Within 5 minutes of my arrival many people showed up to help unload the 1100 bales of shavings by hand. I’m sure some are family, but I bet others are just friends and fellow farmers. These people have a way of supporting each other with deeds not just words, with action not platitudes. I bet they feel a sense of pride in the way they raise their children and the values I’m sure they instill in them.

These are the people that make America great. The blood of the first pioneers runs through these people and many others like them that understand what it means to live a fulfilled life. Each day brings forth a love of the land and the bounty it brings through hard work and perseverance. Each harvest fills them with the pride of having done it themselves. I respect these people greatly for they are the heart of America.


13 thoughts on “The Heart Of America

  1. I find that piece of writing quite literally piercing my heart and somehow, rather like pulling the cord on a life-jacket, making me swell with some sort of pride in humankind. It is the simplest people, those unaffected by the virus of modern so called values, who are the heart, soul, backbone and I would postulate brains of any country. Your writing brings home to me what a truly great country the USA under the trumpeted surface which is all the rest of the world ever gets to see. Thank you. I absolutely loved this and am now rather tearful!

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    1. You know I’m not a big fan of most people, but when I meet the exceptional few I can’t help but feel some hope for the future sanity of this country. Maybe we can still turn this around!

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  2. Too many people DON’T live near a farm. Like the military, it’s just “something else over there “. So much to learn & without a book. Too many people taking care of themselves. Can’t have too much of that. Chosen people would lose power.

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  3. You echo why I love those wood shaving loads.. Every state I’ve delivered them to, farmers, ranchers, have solid work ethics and values.. They are friendly and usually offer breakfast and coffee.. I like visiting the animals they have too.. The small businesses I’ve delivered to, treat thier animals with kindness, unlike big corporations..

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