Tonight Your On The Loose

One day you feel quite stable
The next you’re comin’ off the wall
But I think you should warn me
If you start heading for a fall
I see the problem start
I watch the tension grow
I see you keeping it to yourself
And then instead of reaching conclusions
I see you reaching for something else

No one can stop you now
Tonight you’re on the loose
No one to tell you how
Tonight you’re on the loose

I see no harm or danger in escaping
If the method suits the style
We put the mind on idle
And let the others take it for awhile
When the pace is too fast
And I think I won’t last
You know where I’ll be found
I’ll be standing here beside myself
Getting ready for the final round

No one can stop you now
Tonight you’re on the loose
No one to tell you how
Tonight you’re on the loose

The time we feel most stable
Is the time we’re comin’ off the wall
And there’s every indication
We may be heading for a fall
So let the problems start
And let the tension grow
We’ll be keeping it to ourselves
And while they’re busy reaching their conclusions
We’ll be reaching for something else

No one can stop you now
Tonight you’re on the loose
No one to tell you how
Tonight you’re on the loose

On The Loose – Saga

I think we are all a little bit bi-polar. One day your on a high no one can diminish, the next you feel so low you don’t want to leave the house. A strong sense of accomplishment can be crushed by a single rebuke, uttered by someone you look up to. A mistake can take on epic proportions unequal to it’s degree of importance, ones view of daily trials can be distorted by an underlying fear. You can feel a sinking feeling of dread so profound as to be debilitating, as you sink deeper into yourself and try to shield your heart from the insecurities and disregard of others. I followed a path that lead to addiction, but no more. I am ready for the final round.

We each search for a way to soothe our troubles, calm our fears. Some solace for me has been found in the written word, committing to script the sadness, sorrow, joy and hope. Writing out my dreams and goals has given me focus and strength, pushed aside a underlying sense of failure. I thought when I started this blog it would be all about my future, letting go of the past. The more I write the more I realize I would be remiss to try and forget my past, doomed to follow it’s path again I will not. I have an escape plan that I hope will give me the time to fully explore my goal of photography and writing.

My escape plan will be my boat, my dog and the sea. Journeys filled with risk and danger, the rush of not knowing. Adventures most only dream of can be yours if you are willing to do what it takes, step out of you confined little box of reality and awaken the wide eyed child within. Stop confining yourself with the preconceived notions of what society has taught you, let go the lessons pushed on you by well meaning individuals and be the person you know you are. No one can tell you what makes you, it only comes from within. You must find your escape to the inner being begging for release. No one can stop you now, tonight your on the loose!


9 thoughts on “Tonight Your On The Loose

  1. When my niece graduated High School, I wrote on her card, “There are things that LOOK good, things that SOUND good, things that FEEL good, and things that ARE good. Very few are all 4. You need to THINK to stay on the right path.

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  2. I know all too well those feelings of being on a roller coaster, one day high and full of hope and the next feeling like I’m headed back towards that pit of despair. All we can do is hold tight to our visions and goals, for you its your boat and for me it’s working towards my new dreams. Can’t give up.

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  3. I was once an International Rower. Rowing was once defined to me as the constant search for perfection in one tiny movement. That speaks my life in many ways but in fact it is when I let go of trying and just go with it that I find myself content. I rather think you are the same ….

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  4. I’m rolling in here a bit late.. I’ve had really bad data service at camp.. I’m at the yard now so my data is good.. Glad I got online to read this..😊
    Self esteem, like all human emotions, isn’t tangible, yet that one emotion can make or break us.. It gives extreme power to words, regardless of the utterer’s intent..
    The power you hold over yourself now is admirable.. Just as admirable is that you share your wisdom with clarity and common sense.. This is a booster post for anyone who needs it.. Or a discovery post for anyone trapped in their own low self esteem, that finds your words a new beginning for them..

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