I Got A Name

Like the pine trees lining the winding road
I got a name, I got a name
Like the singing bird and the croaking toad
I got a name, I got a name

And I carry it with me like my daddy did
But I’m living the dream that he kept hid
Moving me down the highway, rolling me down the highway
Moving ahead so life won’t pass me by

Like the north wind whistlin’ down the sky
I got a song; I got a song
Like the whippoorwill and the baby’s cry
I got a song, I got a song

And I carry it with me and I sing it loud
If it gets me nowhere, I’ll go there proud

And I’m gonna go there free

Like the fool I am and I’ll always be
I got a dream, I got a dream
They can change their minds but the can’t change me
I got a dream, I got a dream

Oh, I know I could share it if you’d want me to
If you’re goin’ my way, I’ll go with you
Moving me down the highway, rolling me down the highway
Moving ahead so life won’t pass me by

I Got A Name – Jim Croce

IMG_9460 (Large)

Maine is just astounding this time of year, so I took a ride today to soak in this weeks changes to my life. Just last weekend I brought my sailboat to the boat yard in Winterport Maine to begin the refit, and this week I legally changed my name. Why on earth would I do that, you say? It’s because there was another man in the state of Maine with the same name and same birthdate as me! What are the odds of that! I have had many problems with my drivers license, had my car impounded and had my credit destroyed 4 times over the years including reacently. Enough is enough, time for a change.

IMG_9463 (Large)

I left Bangor at 6am this morning with the intent of driving to the mountains for some foliage pictures, then stopping to see my mom. I stopped by the boat yard for some things from the boat before I drove to Freeman Township, just a few miles from where I used to live. As I walked down the pier I imagined my boat on a moring, gently swaying in the current as the tide came in. Waking up as the morning mist was slowly burned off by the rising sun.

IMG_9465 (Large)

Can you imagine how much better your morning coffee would taste with a view like this? Each peaceful morning slowly removing the scars of the past, soothing the heartaches and disspointments that held you in their grasp for so long. Your soul set free to fly. I will live this life soon.

IMG_9467 (Large)

This will be the view as I slip the moring and head out to sea the first time. Down the Penobscot River, under the Penobscot Narrows Bridge to Penobscot Bay.

IMG_9477 (Large)

IMG_9474 (Large)

I have waited so long for that day, but my will is strong, my vision focused, my path clear. For now I will soak up all the beauty this land has to offer till the day of my parting. “Like the fool I am and I’ll always be, I got a dream, I got a dream. They can change their minds but the can’t change me, I got a dream, I got a dream. And I’m gonna go there free!”

IMG_9488 (Large)

IMG_9483 (Large)

IMG_9495 (Large)

IMG_9493 (Large)












20 thoughts on “I Got A Name

  1. Stunning! Congratulations on your official new name to go with the new life. It looks beautiful from here. Best, best wishes as you move forward. : )

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  2. Oh John! I have tears. Joyful tears… I feel as though I am stepping into a new dawn with you, my friend. Your words and pictures are enchanting as your new life beckons. Soul cleansed, shackles burned to dust by the sun …. empowered by this new beginning that leads you to contentment. So hard earned and richly deserved. My heart sings.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mr. Ray, I might just address you like that from now on, I like the sound of it and all it means for you.. You picked my fav song by Croce and it does sing your song.. I know many people who would think its unrealistic and against all odds.. But I know you and I believe in your dream, excitingly watching it bloom onto reality.. My coffee would taste better reading this post but I’m too lazy to make it this morning.. I’m good to go without it.. Reading this started my day on a bright eyed happy note 😊

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      1. Ok, I do enjoy my Dunkin coffee but a nice brewed Columbian on the boat w/cream and sugar is what my taste buds had in mind.. I’ll even bring the coffee to brew !

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  4. Wow, that’s such great photos, makes me almost want to go to cold and green places. How’s the puppy? Take the boat purposefully, making sure to look into all the systems and look under all floors and cabinets if possible. You’ll have a great time on her-

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    1. This will be a complete refit. All plumbing, electrical, rigging and some glass reinforcement is in the cards. It will be a year and a half before she hits the water.

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      1. JDR,,,,I suggest you cut holes in the water tanks while she’s out of the water, CLEAN them,,,then put in 4 inch view ports so you can see how much water you’ve got if the instruments go down. Also, think about dropping the rudder if it’s not on a tiller, to have it checked.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Original water tank was under v berth. I’m removing and putting in 2 in main salon under the seats. I sounded the rudder and it rings clear, and the bushings are new. What luck!


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