How Do You Define Home?

First, a home must provide warmth in the cold, shade during the heat and cover when it rains. A home is a place for your belongings, a safe place to rest. A home can be nothing more than a thatch hut or a bamboo shack. A rich man’s home may be a 10 bedroom mansion by the ocean, a poor man’s home a one room apartment on the bad side of town. I think there is no set definition for what home is. It can be the town or house you grew up in, the house you bought or built, an apartment or condo, or just anywhere you lay your head to rest. I think home can be anywhere or anything you want it to be, with the right frame of mind.

In my mind home is where I feel comfortable, my safe space no one can take away. I like the idea of a home that serves more than one function. Not only will it provide all the shelter and storage I need, I can take it with me anywhere I go just like a turtle! Many people live in a motor home or travel trailer, each day a new front yard or view. The same can be done on a sailboat!

Pearson 30

My boat is a 1974 Pearson 30, hull #374. A small yet sturdy boat, she was designed and built for coastal sailing. By coastal sailing I mean this boat was not designed for long, open ocean passages. My intent is to increase the water storage, fuel storage, improve the comfort level inside with a better galley, and a better ground tackle system for anchoring. I will insulate the hull to cut down on condensation, a complete rewire of the boat and add new led lighting. I will replace all the plumbing including a complete new head and holding tank, and maybe add a watermaker. I’m even adding a tiny wood stove!

Sailboat Arch
Dodger, Bimini and Arch

Last but not least I will need a new dodger (sort of like a windshield) and bimini top over the cockpit along with an arch over the stern to hold solar panels and dingy davits to secure the dingy while sailing. Sounds like alot of work right? You bet! But when I’m done I will have a home with all the needed items for a comfortable life on the water. I hope you will follow along as I refit my future home and share in my adventures along the east coast of the US.

13 thoughts on “How Do You Define Home?

  1. That is a lot of work but my gosh, you are going to make it into a custom floating home..
    Looking forward to the work in progress pics and of course the main attraction, the finished product and adventure 🤗

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      1. I’d love to.. in real time.. and could if it was an hour or two sail.. Regardless, whether that short ride is possible in your schedule or not, I’d like to plan my time off to be there with a bottle of champagne or a yellow ribbon or both to mark this event and take pictures of you and your 1st mate on your life’s departure to freedom and adventure ! 😊
        This new life you are beginning is a reason for friends to celebrate 💛

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      2. I worry about Stewie alone by himself in the van more than a few hours.. If I have my fence up by then, he’d be fine and I will glady make a day of it 😊
        Either way, I will be there..

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  2. How exciting! Our home for six weeks (hence why I’ve not been around) was our camper van and it was such a happy peaceful time, waking up to new views every day. I’ve no doubt your beauty will be the same.,

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